CBMC Business ForumsA CBMC FORUM consists of five to eight local Christian business owners and one trained moderator who meet monthly to exchange business knowledge, experiences, and godly wisdom with confidentiality. Our aim is to assist in equipping business owners and executive managers to be God’s representatives in the marketplace. We want you to be the most professional or effective businessmen in your field as God’s stewards of the business He has given you to manage.

CBMC FORUMS Testimonies

CBMC Business Forums from CBMC.

"Being an employer places us in an increased role of influence in the trajectory of people’s lives. Without Christ, we’re left as mere humans in this role – doomed to the influence of society and the “acceptable” behavior of the day. Because of the personalized influence of Christ when he touches me through my uniquely qualified Forum members, I simply make better decisions, based on more than just my own, often flawed, wisdom."

Greg Witek
Pagepath Technologies Inc.

"The men in my CBMC Forum pray for me and hold me accountable for operating my business in a way that honors and glorifies God. The wisdom and counsel I receive comes directly from God's Word. Not only do I receive advice for business issues but have also been encouraged to take advantage of ministry opportunities. The men in my forum are godly, sincere, and wise. I treasure the time we spend together. I know I'm a stronger Christian because of my relationship with them."

Wes Potts
Holland Printing

"I have accountability for things I need to get done. I am developing meaningful relationships where love is present. And I am able to share with others from my experience."

Nick Brait
Lasting Legacy

“Through my CBMC Forum group I have a wealth of Christian-based business wisdom, knowledge, and experience available to me in managing and growing my company that I could not easily get elsewhere. While it has taken some time to fully integrate into the group, the caring, concern, and interest have been there from the start.”

Todd Beauchamp
Security Locknut Inc.

"Christian Business owners have a unique set of issues that are just plain different from others. My FORUM group gives me a reasonable outlet for giving and receiving from business owners with very similar needs and knowledge. I learn and I teach. It’s not just “making money”, it’s about living an abundant life, all from a biblical perspective."

William Smith
Termax Corp.